2022 Sea Value - Canada

164 Boat Care Item# Size 74-87764C 1.89L (64 oz.) 50.99 EA Formulated to clean and restore stained or dull aluminum pontoon boats, jon boats and canoes. The convenient 64 ounce size comes with a sprayer for easy application. ULTIMATE ALUMINUM CLEANER/RESTORER Item# Size 74-87616C 475 ml (16 oz.) 31.99 EA Formulated to preserve the finish of aluminum pontoon boats, canoes and jon boats. PTEF® polymers provide UV protection and help repel dirt and stains. ULTIMATE ALUMINUM POLISH w/ PTEF® Item# Size 74-96332C 946ml (32 oz.) 26.99 EA Unique chelating agents loosen and lift dirt and stains for easy removal without scrubbing. Safe for all decks, carpets and vinyl. Protective polymers help repel stains and UV rays. Lake-safe formula can be used on or near the water ULTIMATE PONTOON DECK CLEANER Item# Size 74-96232C 950 ml (32 oz.) 26.99 EA Formulated to remove tough stains, greasy smears and grime. Powerful formula is tough on dirt, won't harm vinyl. Contains no harsh acids or caustic cleaners. Engineered for use on vinyl, plastic, rubber and leather surfaces ULTIMATE VINYL CLEAN Item# Size 74-95932C 950 ml (32 oz.) 50.99 EA Enhances appearance and UV protection to all vinyl, rubber, plastic and leather surfaces. Restores suppleness to vinyl in the harsh marine environment. PTEF® polymers bond to surface to form a barrier to help repel stains and damaging UV rays; acts like a sunblock for vinyl. Use as often as needed to keep vinyl looking great ULTIMATE VINYL GUARD WITH PTEF® Item# Size 74-80216C 473 ml (16 oz.) 18.99 EA Quickly removes dirt, grease and stains. Won't streak, stain or discolor vinyl. Gets out deeply embedded grime. For exterior and interior vinyl. Use on vinylized canvas, chairs, cushions, foul weather gear. Concentrated. Biodegradable. VINYL CLEANER & SHAMPOO Item# Size 74-91016C 473 ml (16 oz.) 32.99 EA Cleans, renews, brightens and protects all vinyl surfaces. VINYL CLEANER AND POLISH Item# Size 74-96022C 650 ml (22 oz.) 28.99 EA Formulated for use on fiberglass, Kevlar® and plastic rotomolded kayaks, paddleboards and canoes. Spray on, wipe off to remove grime, dirt, salt deposits and more. PTFE® polymers help protect against UV damage. ULTIMATE PADDLESPORTS CLEANER & PROTECTANT Item# Starbrite_Waterproofing_Half_1* 999.99 Starbrite Boat Care The NEW Star brite Water-based Waterproofing combines the STRENGTH of our traditional waterproofing with the GENTLE application of a solvent-free formula. PERFECT for older or delicate fabrics, as well as polyurethane-backed or laminated fabrics (PULs), and even fabrics of unknown construction. WATER-BASED INTRODUCING A GAME CHANGER www.STARBRITE.com RESTORE REPEL PREVENT Water Repellency UV Rays Staining 74-82222C 74-82200C