2022 Sea Value - Canada

156 Lighting Item# Scandvik ScanStrip_Qtr_1* 999.99 ▪ Simple 2-wire connection ▪ Scroll from white/blue/red/ green with any switch ▪ Auto reset to white when off for 4-seconds ▪ Surface mount design includes screws ▪ 12/24 V (10-30VDC) ▪ IP65 Waterproof ▪ 8”, 16”, 20” Lengths BOAT BLING! Update your task lighting to 4-color Scan-Strips Item# THMarine_LEDLight_HalfVert_1* 999.99 T-Top & Strip Lights LIGHTING THE WAY IN LED INNOVATION LED LIGHTS LED FLEX STRIP LIGHTS CUP HOLDER LED ACCENT RING Item# Length Color 232-LED51947DP 1' Blue 44.99 EA 232-LED51951DP 2' Blue 64.99 EA 232-LED51954DP 4' Blue 94.99 EA 232-LED51957DP 6' Blue 142.99 EA Use LED Flexstrip rope light under cabinets, shelving, interiors, bars, edge lit panels or any other application you can think of. Longer lengths are great for Pontoons, T-Tops and under gunwales. The lights are super bright and consume very little power. TH Marine rope lights are encased in a waterproof sheath, can be cut to length and are water and moisture resistant. Includes hi-strength 3M backing tape for easy mounting. LED FLEXSTRIP ROPE LIGHT Item# LED Color LEDs Length Volts 390-41346P White 17 8" 12 40.99 EA Scandvik has re-designed the ever popular LED Scan-Strip with newer & brighter LED technology. The SMD2835 LED provides more illumination with low power draw. Mount this RIGID LED Scan-Strip anywhere you want more illumination and better visibility, in wet or dry locations. IP68 Rated. USCG Certified Ignition Protected (SAE J1711), white and blue only. SCANSTRIP LED LIGHTS Item# Length LED Color LEDs Lumens Volts 390-41650P 8" Red/Green/Blue/White 15 94 12 47.99 EA 390-41651P 16" Red/Green/Blue/White 30 180 12 55.99 EA The Scan-Strip 4-Color LED light can be mounted anywhere: under gunwales, in lockers, coolers, and fish boxes. Use in cabins for general or courtesy lights. SCAN STRIP RGBW LED LIGHT