2022 Sea Value - Canada

154 Lighting LED style Item# Type Lens Housing 40-255007 All-Round Stern White Black 62.99 EA Meets USCG (A-16) 2 nautical mile visibility requirements for power & sailboats up to 39' (12m). 12V, 5 watt bulb included. 12V, 5 watt bulb included. 12V/10 watt. All housing parts are non-magnetic polycarbonate. 10 W Festoon bulb included. Size: 2.5" x 2.9" SERIES 25 CLASSIC STERN LIGHT Item# Lens Housing Volts 40-285007 White Polycarbonate, Black 12V 71.99 EA 40-285017 White Stainless Steel 12V 85.99 EA USCG (A-16) certified for 2 nautical mile visibility specially designed for power boats less than 65 ft./20 m. Seawater resistant, UV-resistant, non-corrosive and nonmagnetic, impact and shock resistant. 12V pre-wired, 2 wire lead. 2 watt. 285017 285007 SERIES 28 LED STERN LIGHT Item# Type Lens Housing 40-202027 Starboard - Side Mount Green Black 54.99 EA 40-203027 Port - Side Mount Red Black 54.99 EA USCG (A-16) certified for 1 nautical mile visibility for powerboats up to 39' (12m). Rigid polycarbonate construction housing. 12V, 5 watt bulb included. SERIES 20 POWERBOAT NAVIGATION SIDE LIGHT 203027 202027 Item# Type Height 40-200407 All-Round Pedestal 4" 58.99 EA Meets USCG (A-16) 2 nm visibility requirement for powerboats up to 65' (20 meters). Black housing. 12V/5 Watt. SERIES 20 POLE LIGHT Item# Type Lens Height 40-250007 All-Round Pedestal Clear 2.95" 55.99 EA 40-254007 Masthead White 2.9" 62.99 EA Meets USCG (A-16) requirements for power & sailboats up to 39' (12 m). 2 nautical mile visibility for masthead lights. 12V/10 watt. All housing parts are non-magnetic polycarbonate. SERIES 25 CLASSIC MASTHEAD LIGHT 254007 250007 Item# A B C 354-4000231 9" 2 7/8" 3 3/8" 96.99 EA 354-4000261 24" 2 7/8" 3 3/8" 119.99 EA LED FOLD DOWN ALL AROUND PONTOON LIGHT Approved for USCG 2 NM (Colreg 2 mile). Mounts on 1 1/4" square tubing. Constructed of injection molded nylon and aluminum. Installs with three #10 FH fasteners (not included). 12VDC. Low amp draw. Item# Type LED Color Height 40-300407 All-Round White 5" 71.99 EA Meets USCG A-16 requirements for 2 nm visibility for power or sailboats up to 65'. The latest generation of LED navigation lights made with a high quality black polybarbonate, seawater resistant, IP67 housing and EMI tested, interference free electronics. Low amp draw (less than 1 amp) and up to 30,000 hours lifetime. Pedestal mount, requires 2 mounting screws (not included). 12V. SERIES 30 LED PEDESTAL MOUNT ALL ROUND LIGHT Item# Height Base Pole 40-KS30343000 13 1/2" Plastic Black Aluminum 99.99 EA 40-KS30546000 21 1/2" Plastic Black Aluminum 106.99 EA SERIES 30 LED ALL ROUND DECK MOUNT FOLD DOWN LIGHT For power and sailboats up to 39' (12m) with USCG, A-16 Certification.LED housing is made from polycarbonate that is seawater resistant, non-corrosive, non-magnetic, and impact and shock resistant, IP67 water protection. 12V DC. Deck mount, with 2-wire cable, EMC tested and interference-free for electronics. Portable Navigation Lights Item# Type Color 50-06121 Bow Light Grey 35.99 EA 50-06101 Bow Suction Grey 33.99 EA 50-06151 Stern Suction Grey 33.99 EA 50-06131 Stern Light 24" Grey 34.99 EA Each light is fitted with a 3W incandescent bulb and requires (2) "D" cell batteries. LED replacement bulb fits all models shown. • Bow Light: Red/Green bow light with adjustable clamp for horizontal surfaces. • Bow Suction: Red/Green light with durable, heavy duty suction cup. • Stern Suction: Durable, heavy duty suction cup. Ideal for ski boats, sailboats and boaters who do not want an attachment method that might mar the surface. • Stern Pole Light: 24" Pole light with adjustable clamp. Easily mounts to transom PORTABLE BATTERY OPERATED NAVIGATION LIGHTS Stern Pole 24" Stern Suction Bow suction Bow light Item# Type Color 50-06221 Bow Light Grey 51.99 EA 50-06201 Bow Suction Grey 51.99 EA 50-06251 Stern Suction Grey 51.99 EA 50-06231 Stern Light 24" Grey 52.99 EA For nighttime operation of small boats and tenders w/o 12V systems. Not intended to meet U.S.C.G. regulations. Not for use on boats that can exceed seven knots. INCANDEscent Style Each light requires (2) "D" cell batteries. Designed for speeds up to 7 knots.