2022 Sea Value - Canada

148 Electrical Electrical Tools Item# Wire Range 50-61346 24 - 10 AWG 122.99 EA FRONT-END STRIPPER & WIRE CUTTER Item# 50-61211 44.99 EA MULTI-PURPOSE CRIMP TOOL Item# Wire Range 50-61221 22-10 AWG 86.99 EA RATCHETING CRIMP TOOL Item# Size Color 50-61201 2.8" H x 0.8" W Charcoal 24.99 EA TURBO LITE II MINI TORCH Item# AncorTools_HalfVert_1* 999.99 Ergonomic design effortlessly cuts wire. It also easily removes individual wire insulation from 24 - 10 AWG flexible copper wire. An adjustment dial adjusts the pressure of the blades to the insulation. Removes up to 3/4" of insulation. Constructed of epoxy painted pressed steel and nylon-glass material with tempered steel blades and rugged jaws. Self-adapting jaws conform to a range of cable diameters, resulting in perfect sheath removal without damaging the copper strands. Features Include: •  Comfort grips •  Wire cutters •  Spring loaded action for multiple crimps •  Safety lock mechanism •  Constructed with heavy duty steel •  Color coded crimp nest for insulated terminals •  Crimp nest for uninsulated terminals •  26 - 8 AWG Wire stripper/wire gauge. Cuts and rethreads 4-40, 6-32, 8-32 10-24, 10-32 machine screws •  Holes for wire bending and wire positioning •  UL listed & CSA certified for use with Crimp 'N Seal® heat shrink terminals •  Precision dies are color-coded to industry standards for an accurate crimp each time •  Ratchet mechanism ensures a proper crimp each time by not releasing until cycle is complete •  Compound action delivers maximum crimp force with minimal effort •  Cushion grip handles ease strain on hands Provides a 2400°F pinpoint blue flame that easily handles applications such as heat shrink terminals and heat shrink tubing. Features Include: •  Piezo waterproof /windproof ignition systemwet and windy environments are no problem •  Convenient twist flame adjustment-set the flame the way you want it •  Refillable translucent fuel tank takes the guess work out of when to refill •  Includes key ring •  Tool ships with no fuel Electrical systems rely on Ancor The leader in Marine Grade® wire, terminals, and tools. Wire: Tin-plated copper and proprietary insulation ensures top performance in extreme conditions. Connectors: Heat shrink, standard, tinned copper lugs. Tools: Cut, strip, crimp, heat, and test - Ancor has the tools you need. Management: Complete the project with heat shrink, patented self-cutting wire ties, cable clamps, and split loom. ancorproducts.com