2022 Sea Value - Canada

To Our Valued Customers: Prices are subject to change without notice KEY: Blue Item # =New | Red Item # =Hazardous | vOversize |dUPS/FEDEX Surcharge 129 Electrical Item# MARINCO_HALF_PIGTAIL_1* 999.99 Item# Female (Boat) Male (Dock) 69-105SPP 15A 125V straight blade 30A 125V locking 137.99 EA 69-104SPP 30A 125V Locking 15A 125V Straight Blade 127.99 EA Feature power indicator light, contoured grip and thumbprint ground blade locator. Yellow. (104SPP & 150SPP female connector is locking with sealing collar, the male is straight blade with locking screw). LED PIGTAIL ADAPTER 104SPP 105SPP 104SPP 105SSP Marine Surge Protection Pigtails Providing Industry Leading Protection for your Equipment High visibility LED indicator lights. Fault code diagram for easy identification. 90-degree dockside plug. marinco.com Item# Rating Description Color 69-305CRCN 30A, 125V Female Connector Yellow 78.99 EA 69-305CRPN 30A, 125V Male Plug Yellow 45.99 EA 30A CONNECTOR AND PLUG Item# Female (Boat) Male (Dock) 69-S1530 30A 125V Locking 15A 125V Straight 83.99 EA 69-S3015 15 or 20A 125V Straight 30A 125V Locking 83.99 EA These high-quality, ergonomically designed, one-piece adapters have a built-in LED power indicator, are Marine UL® listed and are used much like Pigtail Adapters - however, they do not have sealing collars. Use only in an enclosed, dry location, such as powering your boat from a 15A power receptacle inside your house. Female connector (boatside) attaches to boat inlet or cordset. Male plug (dockside) attaches to the dockside receptacle or cordset. 5 year warranty. Not recommended for use in wet locations. EEL SHOREPOWER™STYLE STRAIGHT ADAPTERS S2015/S3015 S1530 S3015 S1530 Nylon. 305CRPN 305CRCN