2022 Sea Value - Canada

120 Plumbing Washdown Pumps Item# Model GPM Hose PSI Volts Amps 6-P601J219N4A HotShot HD6 Kit 6 25' 70 12 19.0 483.99 EA •  Co-molded diaphragm for long life and durability •  Efficient and quiet operation •  Sealed pressure switch •  Self-priming •  Can run dry without damage •  Quick connect ports •  Vibration dampening mounts •  HotShot HD6 includes: 2 x 3/4" Straight Hose barb, 1 x 3/4" GHT Adapter •  HD models feature: heavy duty motors and cast aluminum lower housings for long-life • Kit include 25' (7.6m) hose coil HOTSHOT™ SERIES WASHDOWN PUMP & KIT Item# GPM Volts 189-101339903 3.5 12 331.99 EA AQUA JET™ WASH DOWN PUMP Item# GPM PSI Volts Amps Size 275-4238121E07 3.5 45 12 7.5 9" x 5" x 4 1/8" 314.99 EA BLASTER™ II WASHDOWN PUMP Item# Description GPM PSI Volts Amps Size 275-4248153E09 Deluxe 4.0 60 12 10 10" x 5" x 4 3/4" 378.99 EA PRO BLASTER™ II WASHDOWN PUMP Item# GPH PSI Volts 698-WD3517E 3.5 60 12 556.99 EA 698-WD4517E 4.5 70 12 630.99 EA Kit includes: •  Unique 4-in-1 deck fitting w/sliding cover, hose connection, switch & fuse for simple, fast installation •  Trigger handset of targeted water flow: soft, non-slip trigger w/deck protect nozzle •  Easy stow 25' (7.6m) coiled hose: compact, kink resistant hose w/stowage bag HIGH PRESSURE WASH DOWN ELITE PUMP KIT Fresh Water Fittings & Regulators Item# Ports 275-255313 Inlet: 1/2" Pipe. Oulet: 1/2" NPSM 25.99 EA STRAINER Item# Ports 275-255315 Inlet: 1/2" Pipe. Outlet: 1/2” Female Swivel 32.99 EA Item# Type Color Max Pressure 275-18302914 Wall mount Chrome 65 psi 104.99 EA 275-18302918 Wall mount White 65 psi 79.99 EA WATER PRESSURE REGULATOR Smooth vibration free quiet 5 chamber diaphragm pump design with heavy-duty ball brings in a housing. Most compact motor, delivering highest PSI in the wash down pump category. Self priming pump with integrated pressure switch. Thermal overload & ignition protection will shut down operation before damaging the pump due to overheating also ensuring safe use. •  Complete with spray pistol, PUMProtector inlet strainer, and BSP and NPT connections for 1/2" hose •  Up to 70 PSI at the spray pistol nozzle with proper hose Created with a unique over-molded single-piece diaphragm, assuring long life and top performance in all deck wash down plumbing systems. The BLASTER™ II Series pumps are designed for the toughest marine wash down applications. SHURFLO®'s quality reputation has been built on the reliability and dependability of every pump we build. The BLASTER™ II Series wash down automatic demand pumps are thermally protected and can run dry without damage. Fittings and nozzle included. Ignition protected. Whether it’s blasting away the grime on your deck, fish box scaling or anchor chain cleaning, SHURFLO®'s PRO BLASTER™ II Washdown Pumps deliver high performance that provide a powerful consistent spray. Built to withstand the tough marine environment with electro-coated motor, o-ring seals and fully wire entries. Sled switch. Ignition protected. Thermally protected. Inlet strainer, fittings and nozzle included. Designed to connect directly to the inlet of SHURFLO pumps. 50-mesh SS screen. The transparent design for easy visual check, the convenient bowl allows for fast cleaning. 255313 255315 SHURFLO's exclusive diaphragm design prevents high-pressure damage often caused by city water systems. High performance water entries limit water pressure and include a check valve. 3/4" GSH female swivel inlet, 1/2" NPSMmale outlet.. 18302918 18302914