2022 RV Master Catalog

Items are stocked in our warehouses based on regional demand. If an item is not in stock at a local warehouse, additional charges may apply. u - WARNING Cancer Causing See www.P65Warnings.ca.gov v - WARNING Reproductive Harm w - WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm Awnings & Accessories Campsite Living General Accessories Roofing & Sealants Sanitation Heating & Cooling Grilling & Campware Housewares Cleaners & Waxes Fresh Water Appliances Generator & Power Solutions Lighting Hardware Service & Maintenance Steps & Tiedowns Towing & Hitches Electrical Electronics Vents Carriers & Covers Jacks & Levelers LP Gas Cleaners & Waxes 98 Item# Size List 784-247w 12 oz 29.96 EA A clear, high performance durable coating that protects all metal, fiberglass, concrete and wood surfaces from rust and corrosion. Formulated with advanced Nanotechnology, it provides a superior bond to treated and non treated surfaces. Cleans up easily with solvent cleaner and can be top coated with most paints. Withstands temperatures up to 190ºF with 2 or more coats and provides up to 7 years of permanent protection with regular inspections. RUST BLOCKER Item# Size List 784-263w Quart 59.94 EA A clear high performance durable coating that protects all metal, fiberglass, concrete and wood surfaces from rust and corrosion. Advanced Nanotechnology provides a superior bond to treated and non treated surfaces. The high temp formula makes it ideal for engine blocks, manifolds, headers, mufflers and tail pipes because it can withstand temperatures up to 400ºF with 3 or more coats. It provides added UV and rust protection to painted surfaces and dries to a high gloss finish. Clear color eliminates the need to mask off areas and it cleans up easily with solvent cleaner. Can be top coated with most paints. RUST BLOCKER UNDERCOAT Alpha System Chemicals Item# Size List 804-862414 22 fl. oz. 15.95 EA A ready-to-use wash for your RV’s rubber roofing and vehicle exteriors. It’s tough on dirt and grime, yet gentle on surfaces, leaving a brilliant shine. Contains water-softening agents to combat hard water spotting. Can be used on rubber, plastic, metal, glass, and painted surfaces. One quart cleans a 40’ RV. RV RUBBER ROOF CLEANER Best Chemicals Item# Size List 341-52032 32 oz. 9.49 EA Keeps your awning looking new. Use to remove mold, mildew, dirt and grime. Helps protect against damaging sun rays, weathering and salt. Works great on acrylic, vinyl, synthetic and natural fibers. AWNING CLEANER Item# Size List 341-65032 32 oz. 11.79 EA Multi-purpose concentrated cleaner for Black Streaks. Also a Degreaser. Works great on Black Streaks, Engines, Tools, Fiberglass, Tires, Grills, Awnings, Grease, Sinks, Gutters, Fireplaces and more. SUPER STREAK™ Item# Size List 341-45032 32 oz. 9.49 EA The solution to removing dead bugs from your winshield, front grill or any part of your vehicle. Easy to use - just spray on and wipe or rinse off. Removes all bugs including love bugs, tree sap and road grime. BUG-OFF BUG REMOVER E.P.A. has taken a sampling of our most popular cleaners and packaged them in a dynamic new box. The new RV Care Kit features the following quality products you expect. Item# List 341-99001 55.49 EA •  Black Streak Remover •  Bug-Off •  Carpet and Upholstery •  Awning Cleaner •  Wash & Wax •  Cleaning Mit •  A complete care guide to maintaining your recreational vehicle RV CARE KIT Cleans and Protects in one application. No two step system needed. Extends the life of your rubber roof matting by cleaning and conditioning in one easy application. Professional strength, nonpetroleum formula safely and easily cleans streaks, oxidation and road film as it moisturizes, conditions and preserves your rubber roof. RUBBER ROOF CLEANER & PROTECTANT Item# Size Case List 341-55048 48 oz. 8 25.99 EA 341-55128 128 oz. Refill 4 47.19 EA Item# Size List 341-43032 32 oz. 12.99 EA A high shine, oil based, water resistant dressing that gives your tires a brilliant wet look. This no-wipe formula is designed for tires, vinyl tops, exterior rubber and vinyl trim. Truly the best shine. BLACK CAT™ TIRE DRESSING Item# Size List 341-57032 32 oz. 15.39 EA Professional Strength formula cleans, shines and protects all in one. Removes oxidation and effectively restores the shine on your RV, boat, car or motorcycle. Leaves a carnauba wax finish and long lasting protection on fiberglass, aluminum, acrylic, tile, Formica, stainless steel, chrome and all painted metals. Easy to use. RENEW 3000™ Item# Size Case List 341-60032 32 oz. concentrate 6 9.49 EA 341-60128 128 oz. concentrate 4 27.19 EA Clean, shine and protect your RV in the same time it used to take for washing alone. One step wash and wax shines without buffing. Designed for all RV exterior surfaces. Concentrated, rich foaming formula. WASH & WAX Item# Size List 341-63032 32 oz. 22.39 EA Creates a water-tight barrier against moisture, rot and mildew. Safe for outdoor products, including Sunbrella. Works on many surfaces: Tents, Outdoor furniture, Awnings, Boat Covers, Clothing, Umbrellas, Fabrics, Shoes. WATERPROOFER