2022 RV Master Catalog

Item Numbers in Red are hazardous items in blue are new v oversized d ups/fedex Surcharge u - WARNING Cancer Causing See www.P65Warnings.ca.gov v - WARNING Reproductive Harm w - WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm Awnings & Accessories Campsite Living General Accessories Roofing & Sealants Sanitation Heating & Cooling Grilling & Campware Housewares Cleaners & Waxes Fresh Water Generator & Power Solutions Appliances Lighting Hardware Service & Maintenance Steps & Tiedowns Towing & Hitches Electrical Electronics Vents Carriers & Covers Jacks & Levelers LP Gas 97 Cleaners & Waxes Item# Size Case List 71-05711 9" 6 45.19 EA Single sided blended wool pad with 3M Hookit™ attachment. Uses 05717 and 05718 backing plate. HOOKIT™ WOOL COMPOUNDING PAD Item# Size Case List 71-08888 19 oz. 12 10.09 EA Easy to use, quick acting, non-streaking aerosol glass cleaner that is also effective on chrome, plastic and metal. GLASS CLEANER 3X Chemistry Chemicals 3X:Chemistry nuGen's is an advanced nanotechnology formula that creates a self-cleaning nano-shield on holding tank walls, keeping waste in suspension while eliminating odors on contact. nuGen is formaldehyde-free and works further to lubricate drain valves and floats. nuGen replaces the need for several product to cleanse and maintain holding tanks. Item# Size List 784-139w 22 oz. 16.99 EA •  Convenient tip and pour dispenser makes treatment easy •  Fast acting all-in-one system •  Cleans tank and walls •  Binds and neutralizes odors on contact •  Breaks down waste and tissue •  Lubricates valves and floats •  Formaldehyde free NuGEN TANK CLEANING SYSTEM Item# Size List 784-115w 22 oz. 12.99 EA 3X:Chemistry Black Streak is a thick foaming, multi-purpose cleaner that neutralizes and lifts road grime, black streaks, stains, bug remains and other tough soils. The powerful heavyduty formula clings to surfaces longer for deeper penetration and quick, effective cleaning.Safe for use on gel-coat, fiberglass, metal, aluminum, painted surfaces and decals. Specially formulated for RV and Marine cleaning, Black Streak is ready to use right out of the bottle. The environmentally safe, biodegradable solution to keeping your RV streak free. Contains no harsh chemicals. FOAMING BLACK STREAK CLEANER Item# Size List 784-117w 16 oz. 8.99 EA COIL CLEAN Foaming No-Rinse, No-Wipe Cleaner. Formulated to quickly penetrate and remove dirt, lint, grease and matted material from RV condenser coils and fins. The powerful spray generates a thick foam that breaks down the soil. Dirt and lint are washed away with condensation, leaving unit cleaned and deodorized. •  Foaming action cleans deep, needing no rinsing or wiping •  Removes organic odors and leaves no harsh fumes •  Powerful jet spray eliminates the need for high-pressure sprayers or bulky tank sprayers 3X:Chemistry EZ Slide keeps RV slide outs moving freely and smoothly without gumming up or staining. Protects delicate assemblies from rust and corrosion using superior PTFE moisturedisplacing technology. •  Protects: Offers maximum protection for expensive slide out mechanisms •  Coats: Repels moisture as it protects with a special lubricating barrier action •  Seals: Leaves a moisture-repelling film that inhibits corrosion •  Lubricates: Reduces friction with a non-greasy lubricant and advanced corrosion inhibitor •  Contains no chlorinated or fluorinated solvents •  Fortified with PTFE EZ SLIDE LUBE AND PROTECTANT Item# Size List 784-127w 16 oz. 14.99 EA Etches Bare Metal & Inhibits Rust. 3X:Chemistry Metal Etch inhibits rust and promotes paint adhesion for bare metal surfaces. This specially formulated liquid gently etches the metal, then leaves a zinc coating that helps chemically bind paint to the surface. Metal Etch is non-toxic, non-flammable and reusable. Ideal for application on bare metal parts after sandblasting or using 3X Rust Dissolver. •  Zinc Phosphate coating inhibits rust on bare metal surfaces •  Etches bare metal to chemically bind paint to the surface •  Reusable liquid can be sprayed, brushed, or dipped METAL ETCH Item# Size List 784-135w 16 oz. 16.99 EA Item# Size List 784-173w 64 oz. 17.99 EA 3X:Chemistry Ultra Wash is a premium concentrated, highfoaming wash, conditioner and wax in one. It combines deep cleaning surfactants with the highest level of genuine Carnauba Wax to clean and protect your vehicle's finish, leaving a "just waxed" shine after every use. Safe for all car, RV, motorcycle and marine finishes. Just 1 oz* of Ultra Wash removes road grime, dirt, bugs, oil, fuel, and salt that can harm finishes. Its advanced sheeting action rinses freely without streaking or water spots. The protective layer of Carnauba Wax safeguards against scratching and oxidation. Ultra Wash is the ideal way to keep your vehicle clean and shining between regular waxings. ULTRA WASH Item# Finish Size List 784-126w Satin Quart 44.99 EA Rust Stopping & Preventative Paint. A high-solids, single component paint that permanently stops corrosion. Formulated with UV Stabilizers, it provides added protection against wear. It bonds to bare or rusty metal to form a rock hard, non-porous finish that won’t crack, chip, or peel. It works by isolating metal from oxygen and moisture to keep rust in a suspended state. Completely unaffected by road salt, gasoline, oils, battery acids, hydraulic fluids, solvents, chemicals, or corrosives. Top coat with 3X Rust Blocker for long-term UV resistance. •  Permanently stops rust and corrosion •  Can be sprayed or brushed •  Reusable after opening •  Highest percentage of solids RUST SUFFOCATOR Item# Size List 784-154w 32 oz. 30.09 EA Instantly neutralizes rust and converts the rusted surface to a dark, protective polymeric coating. The inert coating provides an excellent primer base that seals out moisture to prevent future rust and corrosion. Protected surface can now be top coated with most paints. RUST CONVERTER