2022 RV Master Catalog

Items are stocked in our warehouses based on regional demand. If an item is not in stock at a local warehouse, additional charges may apply. u - WARNING Cancer Causing See www.P65Warnings.ca.gov v - WARNING Reproductive Harm w - WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm Awnings & Accessories Campsite Living General Accessories Roofing & Sealants Sanitation Heating & Cooling Grilling & Campware Housewares Cleaners & Waxes Fresh Water Appliances Generator & Power Solutions Lighting Hardware Service & Maintenance Steps & Tiedowns Towing & Hitches Electrical Electronics Vents Carriers & Covers Jacks & Levelers LP Gas 24 Awnings & Accessories Carefree Awnings Item# Size Color List Vinyl Dune Stripes w/ White Weatherguard 13-QJ128D00vw 12' Black/Gray 447.00 EA 13-QJ128A00vw 12' Sierra Brown 447.00 EA 13-QJ138E00vw 13' Ocean Blue 447.00 EA 13-QJ138A00vw 13' Sierra Brown 447.00 EA 13-QJ148D00vw 14' Black/Gray 585.00 EA 13-QJ148A00vw 14' Sierra Brown 585.00 EA 13-QJ158D00vw 15' Black/Gray 585.00 EA 13-QJ158E00vw 15' Ocean Blue 585.00 EA 13-QJ168D00vw 16' Black/Gray 585.00 EA 13-QJ168E00vw 16' Ocean Blue 585.00 EA 13-QJ168A00vw 16' Sierra Brown 585.00 EA 13-QJ168C00vw 16' Teal 585.00 EA 13-QJ178A00vw 17' Sierra Brown 585.00 EA 13-QJ188D00vw 18' Black/Gray 702.00 EA 13-QJ188B00vw 18' Bordeaux 702.00 EA 13-QJ188E00vw 18' Ocean Blue 702.00 EA 13-QJ188A00vw 18' Sierra Brown 702.00 EA 13-QJ188C00vw 18' Teal 702.00 EA 13-QJ198D00vw 19' Black/Gray 702.00 EA 13-QJ198E00vw 19' Ocean Blue 702.00 EA 13-QJ208D00vw 20' Black/Gray 702.00 EA 13-QJ208B00vw 20' Bordeaux 702.00 EA 13-QJ208E00vw 20' Ocean Blue 702.00 EA 13-QJ208A00vw 20' Sierra Brown 702.00 EA 13-QJ208C00vw 20' Teal 702.00 EA 13-QJ218D00vw 21' Black/Gray 702.00 EA 13-QJ218A00vw 21' Sierra Brown 702.00 EA 13-QJ218C00vw 21' Teal 702.00 EA Vinyl Shale Fades w/ White Weatherguard 13-QJ136A00vw 13' Burgundy Fade 447.00 EA 13-QJ146B00vw 14' Camel Fade 585.00 EA 13-QJ146D00vw 14' Silver Fade 585.00 EA 13-QJ156A00vw 15' Burgundy Fade 585.00 EA 13-QJ156B00vw 15' Camel Fade 585.00 EA 13-QJ166A00vw 16' Burgundy Fade 585.00 EA 13-QJ166B00vw 16' Camel Fade 585.00 EA 13-QJ166D00vw 16' Silver Fade 585.00 EA 13-QJ176B00vw 17' Camel Fade 585.00 EA 13-QJ176D00vw 17' Silver Fade 585.00 EA 13-QJ186A00vw 18' Burgundy Fade 702.00 EA 13-QJ186B00vw 18' Camel Fade 702.00 EA 13-QJ186D00vw 18' Silver Fade 702.00 EA 13-QJ196B00vw 19' Camel Fade 702.00 EA 13-QJ196D00vw 19' Silver Fade 702.00 EA 13-QJ206B00vw 20' Camel Fade 702.00 EA 13-QJ206D00vw 20' Silver Fade 702.00 EA 13-QJ216B00vw 21' Camel Fade 702.00 EA Size indicates center-arm to center-arm dimension. All standard canopies have 8' extension. With white weatherguard VINYL ROLLER ASSEMBLY FOR 12V ECLIPSE, TRAVEL'R OR PIONEER AWNINGS Silver Camel Burgundy Bordeaux Teal Ocean Blue Sierra Brown Black/ Gray Item# Color Pitch List 13-OVJVAPHWw Black Adjustable 1165.00 EA 13-OV25APHWw Polar White Adjustable 1165.00 EA Great looks and proven reliability: The Travel'r incorporates design features used on Carefree's popular 12V Eclipse at an economical price. It features integrated styling and mounts flush to the RV. Buy the Travel'r as a complete new awning or upgrade your current manual Carefree or Dometic/A&E patio awning to push-button operation. Just switch out the arm set. 8' Extension hardwired (Includes wall switch). •  Adjustable Pitch model: Ideal when you want the instant pitch adjustment not found on the steep pitch model. Requires a flat mounting area of 67" x 3.5" from awning rail down. TRAVEL'R ARM SET Item# Color Pitch List 13-VXJE50HWw Black Adjustable 1553.00 EA 13-VX2550HWw Polar White Adjustable 1553.00 EA Redefines power awning ease and convenience. Just push the button to extend to a full 8' extension. The Eclipse stays secure even when only partially extended. There are no locks or latches. The motor itself locks the roller securely during travel for protection against billowing. The Eclipse features Carefree's exclusive Instant Pitch Adjustments. 8' Extension hardwired (Includes wall switch). •  Adjustable pitch: Choose from six settings on each arm for maximum shade and rain release. The Eclipse has the highest head clearance of any vertical arm awning. ECLIPSE ARM SET Item# Description Arms Color List 13-971601 Universal Straight Arms 68"-81" Black 676.00 EA 13-971501WHT Universal Straight Arms 68"-81" Polar White 676.00 EA 13-970516WHT Long Straight Arms 81"-97" Polar White 676.00 EA Includes telescoping crank handle PIONEER ARM SETS Item# Color List 13-46JVAPHWdw Black 1043.00 EA 13-4625APHWdw White 1043.00 EA •  Retrofittable to 3" and 3.4" diameter roller tubes •  54" arm length – shortest awning footprint with an 8' extension •  Fits the gooseneck on 5th wheels •  Self-leveling retraction with Memory Pitch •  Altitude exclusive: External pitch adjustments •  Includes wall switch and Carefree Connects Control System (901602) Roller assemblies sold separately. Requires a flat, unobstructed mounting area of 55" x 3". Arm sets cannot be used with rollers that have an existing metal wrap. ALTITUDE ARM SET Item# Color List 13-TAJVAPHWdw Black 869.00 EA The adjustable pitch provides motorized awning comfort with Carefree's standards for looks, strength and dependability. The variable pitch offers 6 settings from flat (3˚) to steep (16˚). The awning roller tube and arms are made from light weight, no-rust aluminum. The awning fabric is heavy weight vinyl. COMPASS ARM SET Item# Color List 13-850001 Polar White 149.00 EA Opt. Accy. Description List 13-R001546RP Crank Handle 63.00 EA Convert your existing Carefree awning. Arms and crank handle not included. PIONEER END CAP UPGRADE KIT