2022 RV Master Catalog

Item Numbers in Red are hazardous items in blue are new v oversized d ups/fedex Surcharge u - WARNING Cancer Causing See www.P65Warnings.ca.gov v - WARNING Reproductive Harm w - WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm Awnings & Accessories Campsite Living General Accessories Roofing & Sealants Sanitation Heating & Cooling Grilling & Campware Housewares Cleaners & Waxes Fresh Water Generator & Power Solutions Appliances Lighting Hardware Service & Maintenance Steps & Tiedowns Towing & Hitches Electrical Electronics Vents Carriers & Covers Jacks & Levelers LP Gas 171 Fresh Water Item# Description Color List 342-95125w Repl. Pop-Stop Stopper Parchment 5.08 EA 342-95105w Repl. Pop-Stop Stopper White 4.97 EA Single plastic stem. POP-STOP STOPPER White Parchment Item# Description Color List 342-95045w Repl. Strainer Basket White 3.31 EA 342-9491300062w Repl. Strainer Basket Black/Chrome 6.00 EA •  Basket w/female threads •  95045 for use with Part Nos. 95015, 95025, 95035 •  9491300062 for use with 9490-215-022 and 9490-217-022 THREADED STRAINER BASKET 9491300062 95045 Item# Description Color List 342-95005w Metal Chrome 6.61 EA •  Constructed of die cast steel •  Basket has four stems that fit into strainer slots •  Use with Part No. 95325 PUSH-IN BASKET Item# Description List 135-65JN10081 3 1/2" Metal strainer complete. 8.29 EA 3 1/2" METAL STRAINER ASSEMBLY Item# Description List 135-65JNBSK10081 Repl. basket w/stopper 6.89 EA Plastic replacement basket. 3 1/2" opening. 3 1/2" PLASTIC REPLACEMENT BASKET Item# List 135-65CAR227PS 11.19 EA 2 1/2" Popstop bathtub drain with positive pushpull seal. Stopper seats and seals at finger-tip touch; lifts easily to clean. Plug is completely removable for cleaning. Packaged with locknut. POPSTOP BATHTUB DRAIN Item# List 135-65CAR227G 7.99 EA 2 1/2" shower drain with stainless steel grid. Packaged with locknut. SHOWER DRAIN Item# List 135-65SPR1303 8.19 EA Popstop vanity drain. Provides push-pull seal. Seats and seals at the touch of a finger. Popstop is totally drip proof, stopper removes easily for cleaning. 1 1/2" x 1 1/4" x 5". Does not fit overflow sinks. LAVATORY DRAIN C.O. Item# Size List 135-635895P 1 1/2" 13.99 EA P-TRAP W/UNION - HUB x HUB Item# Outlet Description List 390-10306P 1" Side Hose Requires 1 5/8" clearance below 31.00 EA Fits 2 1/16" drain hole openings. Sink drain with a 1” hose barb connection. Includes stopper and chain. 10306 SINK DRAIN Item# Outlet Description List 390-10307P 1" Hose Barb Flush drain. Shower/Cockpit Drain 26.00 EA Drain basket compresses from below when tightening screen from above. Included screw (6mm) allows up to 1/2" floor thickness. Stainless grate diameter is 2 3/4". SHOWER/COCKPIT FLUSH DRAIN Item# List 363-94175w 13.29 EA •  Direct OEM Replacement •  Stopper has female threads •  Fits up to a 2” drain opening •  Made in USA TUB STRAINER Water Filters Item# Description List 17-40631 Kit 78.79 EA Repl. Parts Description List 117-40624u Repl. Premium Filter 26.59 EA 117-40621u Repl. Filter 21.99 EA Includes filter housing, one extension hose and one replaceable premium spun polypropylene filter cartridge. Filtration begins with water traveling through a porous shell with openings no greater than 5 microns in diameter. Filtered water then passes through a bed of KDF and GAC (Granulated Activated Carbon) for further filtration and bacteria control. The result is fresh, clean, great tasting drinking water straight from your tap. For exterior use. •  5 Micron barrier and granulated active carbon •  Reduces bad taste, odors, sediments, bacteria, chlorine and much more •  Replaceable filter lasts one camping season EVO WATER FILTER Item# Description List 117-40624u Repl. Premium Filter 26.59 EA Fits 40631 EVO RV water filter to reduce bad taste, odors, sediment, bacteria, chlorine and much more. The result is fresh, clean, great tasting drinking water from your tap. CSA low lead content certified. Complies with California’s AB1953 and Vermont Act 193 Low Lead Laws. •  Includes one EVO replaceable premium spun polypropylene water filter cartridge •  Typically lasts one camping season •  KDF material reduces bacteria in water •  5 micron barrier and granulated active carbon reduces bad taste, odors, sediments, bacteria, chlorine & more PREMIUM WATER FILTER CARTRIDGE