2022 RV Master Catalog

Item Numbers in Red are hazardous items in blue are new v oversized d ups/fedex Surcharge u - WARNING Cancer Causing See www.P65Warnings.ca.gov v - WARNING Reproductive Harm w - WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm Awnings & Accessories Campsite Living General Accessories Roofing & Sealants Sanitation Heating & Cooling Grilling & Campware Housewares Cleaners & Waxes Fresh Water Generator & Power Solutions Appliances Lighting Hardware Service & Maintenance Steps & Tiedowns Towing & Hitches Electrical Electronics Vents Carriers & Covers Jacks & Levelers LP Gas 139 Roofing & Sealants Item# Size List 112-017187690w 300 ml. 16.89 EA •  Very good adhesion to EPDM •  Semi self-leveling •  Excellent dispensing characteristics •  Isocyanate free •  Primerless adhesion to difficult substrates •  Low VOC content •  Excellent UV resistance SIKAFLEX® 715 Item# Type Size Color List 301-01790852w 201 10.3 oz. cart. White 13.49 EA 301-01790892w 221 10.3 oz. cart. Aluminum gray 10.09 EA 301-01790893w 221 10.3 oz. cart. Black 10.09 EA 301-01790891w 221 10.3 oz. cart. White 10.09 EA A permanently elastic bond for fastening materials which have dissimilar coefficients of expansion. Use to waterproof and seal joints, seams, doors and windows. Cures rapidly, is odorless and non-staining. SIKAFLEX® 201/221 Item# Size Color List 301-01790916w 10.1 oz. cartridge Black 21.69 EA The original elastic bonding adhesive, Sikaflex®-252 offers great adhesive strength coupled with elasticity. This combination bonds and seals at the same time, offers excellent gap filling capabilities and compensates for loose tolerances in the building process. Strong enough to sharply reduce or even completely eliminate traditional fastening systems such as welds, rivets, screw and bolts. Excellent Green Strength means reduced clamping time. Bonds to a wide variety of substrates. Some surface prep is generally recommended. Sandable, paintable and NSF approved for incidental food contact. SIKAFLEX® 252 Item# Size Color List 112-017412406w 10 oz. Clear 10.19 EA A general purpose, neutral cure silicone sealant for interior and exterior use. Delivers excellent adhesion to most substrates without surface treatments. Highly UV resistant with excellent weather stability and mold and mildew resistant. Excellent sealing joint flexibility for dynamic moving parts. Elongation of 430% and 30 minute tack free time. SIKASIL®-N PLUS Item# Description Size Color List 398-12062w Skylight Sealant 10 oz White 20.29 EA Butyl Rubber Sealant. Use this sealant to install all ICON external Skylight domes. Mechanical fastening (screws) is required in conjunction with this sealant. SKYLIGHT SEALANT Item# Size Case List 134-SR140 10.3 fl oz. 12 18.69 EA Butyl sealant for the installation of skylights. •  Flexible, easy to remove •  Weather-resistant •  Paintable, non-staining SKYLIGHT SEALANT Item# Description Size Pack List 707-RVEMTBX12POP Counter top box w/12 rolls 2" x 48" 1 Roll 16.29 EA 707-RVEMT40BPOP Display bucket w/40 rolls 2" x 48" 40 Rolls 618.49 EA Double thick (65mils) EternaBond leak repair tape. A one step permanent water proofing repair tape that adheres to virtually all types of surfaces, including EPDM, TPO, Fiberglass, Metal, Wood, Fiberglass, Polypropylene, etc. Great for repairing roofs, awnings, vents, skylights and other accessories. Keep a roll handy when you travel for on the spot emergency repairs. RV EMT Item# Color Size List 142-BST325 Black 3" x 25' 25.59 EA EPDM seam tape is constructed of double-sided butl adhesive. The tape is designed to splice 2 pieces fo EPDM rubber together into a waterproof seam. QUICK ROOF™ SEAM TAPE Item# Color Size List 142-WQR325 White 3" x 25' 19.59 EA 142-WQR625 White 6" x 25' 35.89 EA Just peel off release paper and press in place. White aluminum surface. In addition to RV and Mobile Home repair, Quick Roof is ideal for gutters, skylights, metal & flat roofs, trucks, trailers and anywhere leaks are a problem. Super reinforced, lasts for years. Lasts for years. QUICK ROOF™ ALUMINUM WHITE FOR RV'S & MOBILE HOMES Item# Color Size List 142-RQR624 Black adhesive/White EPDM 6" x 24" 12.99 EA 142-WRQR625 White adhesive/White EPDM 6" x 25" 94.95 EA 142-WRQR6100 White adhesive/White EPDM 6" x 100' 343.39 EA •  Self-Stick surface •  Just peel off release paper and press in place •  Instantly waterproofs tears and punctures •  Easy and permanent application •  Fully cured EPDM rubber surface •  Super strong butyl rubber based adhesive QUICK ROOF™ FOR RUBBER ROOFS Item# Color Size List 142-BUBE425 Black 4" x 25' 35.79 EA 142-TUBE406 Tan 4" x 6' 13.59 EA 142-TUBE425 Tan 4" x 25' 35.79 EA 142-TUBE625 Tan 6" x 25' 53.19 EA Quick Roof Extreme w/steel-loc adhesive. Permanently Repairs: EPDM, TPO, metal, fiberglass, aged & rigid PVC, vnyl, wood, OSB and most building materials. QUICK ROOF™ EXTREME W/STEEL-LOC Item# Size List 142-UBE406 4" x 6' 14.09 EA 142-UBE425 4" x 25' 35.79 EA 142-UBE475 4" x 75' 95.89 EA 142-UBE625 6" x 25' 53.19 EA 142-UBE675 6" x 75'' 143.69 EA •  Aggressive adhesive which sticks to almost all surfaces. EPDM, TPO, Metal, Fiberglass, Aged & Rigid PVC, Vinyl, Wood OSB, and most building materials •  Clear adhesive eliminates grey ring around edge of new patch •  Less gooey adhesive eliminates slippage during application •  Wide temperature range at time of installation. From 25°F without primer to -25°F with Quick Roof SeamPrime •  Increases in adhesion over time QUICK ROOF™ EXTREME WHITE FOR RVs Item# Size List 142-UBE88 8" x 8" 12.49 EA Each kit contains two 8" x 8" Quick Roof Extreme Patches, two alcohol cleaning wipes, and one plastic applicator.The Quick Roof Extreme Patch Kit is a must have item for every RV tool box. Each convenient kit will permanently repair two 8" x 8" areas and will immediately stop leaks in EPDM Rubber, TPO, Metal, Fiberglass, Vinyl, and Aged and Rigid PVC. Quick Roof Extreme has a 15 year warranty and is guaranteed to never crack, harden or shrink. QUICK ROOF™ EXTREME PATCH KIT