2022 RV Master Catalog

Item Numbers in Red are hazardous items in blue are new v oversized d ups/fedex Surcharge u - WARNING Cancer Causing See www.P65Warnings.ca.gov v - WARNING Reproductive Harm w - WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm Awnings & Accessories Campsite Living General Accessories Roofing & Sealants Sanitation Heating & Cooling Grilling & Campware Housewares Cleaners & Waxes Fresh Water Generator & Power Solutions Appliances Lighting Hardware Service & Maintenance Steps & Tiedowns Towing & Hitches Electrical Electronics Vents Carriers & Covers Jacks & Levelers LP Gas 113 Cleaners & Waxes Item# Size Case List 74-98916 16 oz. 6 11.69 EA 74-98932 32 oz 6 20.49 EA Gel formula sticks where applied for maximum cling time and cleaning power. •  Removes yellowing and tough waterline stains •  Completely covers stains to penetrate and dissolve them •  Specifically formulated to remove the toughest stains, including rust, dried fish blood and leaf stains •  Works on all fiberglass and painted surfaces ULTIMATE GEL FORMULA FIBERGLASS STAIN REMOVER Item# Size Case List 74-81816w Pint 6 19.69 EA Brings back original color and luster. Removes heavy oxidation, chalking and fading. Seals surfaces against future fading. Will not scratch or harm gelcoat. Excellent for all dark colored boats. No hard rubbing. Easy to use. FIBERGLASS COLOR RESTORER WITH PTEF® Item# Size Case List 74-88922 22 oz. Spray 12 14.89 EA Dissolves oily stains, grease, fish blood and dirt. Formulated to eliminate foul odor. Foaming action lifts dirt so that it can be rinsed away. PTEF polymers bond to treated carpet to repel stains and damaging UV rays. Formulated to clean all indoor and exterior marine carpets. ULTIMATE CARPET CLEAN WITH PTEF Item# Size Case List 74-97532 32 oz. 6 30.79 EA •  Helps restore water repelling action •  Helps block UV rays that cause fading & weathering •  Won't affect color, feel or breathability •  For use on all outdoor fabrics ULTIMATE FABRIC GUARD Item# Size Case List 74-92132 32 oz (946 ml) 6 17.29 EA •  Dissolve and remove grease, fish blood, food spills and more •  PTEF® polymers bond to treated surface to help repel stains and UV damage •  Ready to use for spot cleaning or for treating large areas •  Spray on, work into surface, rinse clean •  Can be used in boats, cars and RVs ULTIMATE FABRIC CLEAN Item# Size Case List 74-98832 32 oz. 6 24.89 EA •  Helps block UV rays that cause fading & drying •  Dries clear & tack-free •  Enhances shine •  For use on fiberglass, paint and vinyl surfaces ULTIMATE XTREME PROTECTANT Item# Size Case List 74-96232 32 oz 6 15.39 EA •  Formulated to remove tough stains, greasy smears and grime •  Powerful formula is tough on dirt, won't harm vinyl •  Contains no harsh acids or caustic cleaners •  Engineered for use on vinyl, plastic, rubber and leather surfaces ULTIMATE VINYL CLEAN Item# Size Case List 74-95932 32 oz 6 29.79 EA •  Enhances appearance and UV protection to all vinyl, rubber, plastic and leather surfaces •  Restores suppleness to vinyl in the harsh marine environment •  PTEF® polymers bond to surface to form a barrier to help repel stains and damaging UV rays; acts like a sunblock for vinyl •  Use as often as needed to keep vinyl looking great ULTIMATE VINYL GUARD WITH PTEF® Item# Size Case List 74-91016w Pint 6 17.99 EA Cleans, renews, brightens and protects all vinyl surfaces. VINYL CLEANER AND POLISH Item# Size Pack List 74-89910 10 g bag (Bulk) 100 729.59 BX Star brite MDG Slow Release Formula is the most effective way to eliminate and prevent mold and mildew odor and other foul smells from forming year round. Controlled release allows it to remain effective for up to 3 months, keeping enclosed areas odor-free, crisp and clean smelling. EPA-registered chlorine dioxide technology. Each patented CLO2 generator pouch treats an area up to 1,000 cubic feet. Also great for treating cars, RV’s and boats. NosGUARD MILDEW ODOR CONTROL BAG (BULK PACK) Item# Size Case List 74-98616 16 oz. 6 12.29 EA •  Removes mildew stains on contact without heavy scrubbing •  Safe for use on fiberglass, painted surfaces, rubber, plastic and vinyl headliners, bolsters and upholstery •  Special buffered formula will not harm vinyl upholstery or thread •  Ideal for home, RV and marine use ULTIMATE MILDEW STAIN REMOVER Item# Size Case List 74-102032 32 oz 4 19.89 EA 74-102000 Gallon 2 49.69 EA EPA Reg. No. 87508-3 for use in hospitals, medical laboratories, rehabilitation facilities, diagnostic centers, clinics, first responder facilities, and equipment, veterinary hospitals, medical equipment, pharmaceutical facilities, and laboratories. Shelf life up to 15 days after activation. •  Disinfectant, Sanitizer, Tuberculocide, Virucide, Fungicide, Algaecide, Slimicide, and Deodorizer •  Kills MRSA, Staphylcoccus aureus, Listeria, Trichophyton mentagrophytes (athletes foot), Enterococcus faecilis, Salmonella, TB, HIV-1, Norovirus, Poliovirus, Adenovirus*, Rhinovirus, Coronavirus, Canine Parvovirus*, and odor causing bacteria mold & mildew 102032 contains 1ea ClO2 amall generating pouch, 32 oz. mixing and storage bottle with trigger sprayer 102000 contains 3ea ClO2 large generating pouch and storage bottle. Each pouch makes 1 gallon of product PERFORMACIDE® DISINFECTANT FOR HARD, NONPOROUS SURFACES Item# Size Case List 74-86622v 22 oz. Spray 6 18.39 EA Nano-tech barrier prevents mold stains & mildew stains from forming and it lasts for 3 to 6 months (in interior areas). Easy to use; just spray on area to be treated. It's non-toxic formula is safe for use around people & pets. Ideal for use on fiberglass, vinyl, plastic, rubber & painted surfaces. MILDEW STAIN BLOCKER