2022 Land N Sea Marine Catalog

GENERAL BOATING WATERSPORTS & bOATS SEATING COVERS/TOPS MAINTENANCE ELECTRICAL HARDWARE PLUMBING PROPS & aNODES FUEL ELECTRONICS & NAVIGATION SAFETY TROLLING & fISHING ANCHORING/ mOORING TRAILERING PAINT VENTILATION FASTENERS STEERING ENGINE Items are stocked in our w arehouses based on reg ional demand. If an item is not in stock a t a local w arehouse, add it ional charges ma y appl y. u - WARNING Cancer Causing See www.P65Warnings.ca.gov v - WARNING Reproductive Harm w - WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm ENGINE 1404 Temperature & Pressure/Alarms/Switches Item# List 969-1002301w 33.19 EA •  Adds alarm functionality to your dash or panel •  Buzzer sounds and bright red light illuminates when voltage is present •  For use with temperature, oil pressure, and engine warning alarm kits •  12V DC, #8-32 screw terminals, red LED •  Replaces Cole Hersee 4112-RCBP DUAL WARNING LIGHT & BUZZER Item# Replaces List 667-144485716 (LK) 14857, 148571, 14857A1, 14857A2, 14857A3, 14857A4, 14857A6, 14857A7, 14857A8, 14857A9, 14857A10, 14857A11, 14857A12, 14857A13, 14857A14, 14857A15, 14857A16 172.14 EA Not for use with Flywheels with Bolted-In Magnets. Requires a Voltage Regulator. MERCURY/MARINER OIL WARNING MODULE Item# Description List 11-OP22891 Set at 15 psi 26.49 EA 11-OP22900 Set at 6 psi 19.19 EA Used for Electric Fuel Pump Shut Off. •  Thread size: 1/8" - 27 •  Terminal type: 10-32 stud OIL PRESSURE SWITCH Item# List 11-MP41400 52.69 EA Loud warning buzzer alerts operator of dangerously high engine temperatures or low engine oil pressure. Kit includes instructions, oil pressure switch, and temperature switch. OIL PRESSURE / TEMPERATURE WARNING KIT Sound Insulation Item# Size Thickness List 378-IAF05MNSFT12 (K) 32" x 54" 1/2" 59.59 EA 378-IAF10MNSFT12 (K) 32" x 54" 1" 75.19 EA 378-IAF10MNSFT36 (K) 54" x 96" 1" 225.19 EA Sound absorption material. Acoustic foam, mylar faced (no barrier). SOUNDOWN ACOUSTIC ABSORPTION FOAM Item# Size Thickness List 378-IVF1005MNSFT12 (LK) 32" x 54" (12 sq. ft.) 1/2" 99.59 EA 378-IVF1005MNSFT36 (K) 96" x 54" (36 sq. ft.) 1/2" 297.89 EA 378-IVF1010MNSFT12 (LK) 32" x 54" (12 sq. ft.) 1" 107.89 EA 378-IVF1010MNSFT36 (K) 96" x 54" (36 sq. ft.) 1" 322.99 EA 378-IVF1015MNSFT12 (K) 32" x 54" (12 sq. ft.) 1 1/2" 128.39 EA 378-IVF1015MNSFT36 (K) 96" x 54" (36 sq. ft.) 1 1/2" 383.99 EA 378-IVF1020MNSFT12 (K) 32" x 54" (12 sq. ft.) 2" 159.79 EA 378-IVF1020MNSFT27 (K) 72" x 54" (27 sq. ft.) 2" 355.39 EA White Mylar Facing 378-IVF2020WN27 (K) 72" x 54" (27 sq. ft.) 2" 466.39 EA An effective treatment for airborne noise that radiates from engines and other machinery. The standard composite consists of a layer of mass loaded vinyl, sandwiched between two layers of polyether fire retardant foam, covered by a thin attractive vapor barrier facing. The composite is designed and manufactured specifically for attenuation of sounds from machines such as engines, generators, pumps, and other marine equipment which may have significant bass and mid-range frequency components. The construction centers the acoustic vinyl between equal thicknesses of foam, front and back. 1 lb/sq.ft. NOTE: SDN IVF2020WN27 IS 2LB/SQ.FT SOUNDOWN COMPOSITE INSULATION VINYL/FOAM Item# List 378-HPAD25DK10 (LK) 29.29 BG All aluminum pin, set consists of 2 1/2" long pin on 2" square perforated base, speed washer and protective cap. 10 piece. ALUMINUM INSTALLATION KIT Item# Size List 378-HTA20SC (LK) 2" x 125' 56.19 EA 378-HTA40SC (LK) 4" x 125' 81.09 EA Seam tape with (PSA) pressure sensative adhesive. MYLAR SEAM TAPE Engine Hose Item# List SHI ENGINE HOSE CHART* NaN SHIELDS ENGINE HOSE CHART