2022 Marine Catalog

GENERAL BOATING WATERSPORTS & bOATS SEATING COVERS/TOPS MAINTENANCE ELECTRICAL HARDWARE PLUMBING PROPS & aNODES FUEL ELECTRONICS & NAVIGATION SAFETY TROLLING & fISHING ANCHORING/ mOORING TRAILERING PAINT VENTILATION FASTENERS STEERING ENGINE Items are stocked in our warehouses based on regional demand. If an item is not in stock at a local warehouse, additional charges may apply. u - WARNING Cancer Causing See www.P65Warnings.ca.gov v - WARNING Reproductive Harm w - WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm ELECTRONICS 14 Item# List GARMIN_FULL_RADARS* NaN See what’s coming on your compatible chartplotter with GMR Fantom™ 18x or GMR Fantom™ 24x dome radars. When visibility is low and situational awareness is crucial, you need radar you can depend on. Get 50 watts of output power for long range and better target detection. Confidently travel at higher speeds — and detect boats approaching at high speeds — with up to 60 RPM rotation speed. Customize power usage with the power save feature and specify active and inactive times using timed transmit mode so you can reduce power consumption and stay on the water longer than ever. • Using the target size feature, adjust on-screen target resolution for better separation based on your surroundings • MotionScope™ technology shows targets in color as they move toward you or away • True echo trails leave a historical “trail” on a compatible chartplotter to quickly and easily identify moving targets and potential collision threats • Dual range provides split-screen images on your compatible chartplotter with separate range settings and controls for both close and long range • Dual radar support allows compatible chartplotters to pull data from one of two different radar resources to provide redundancy • Dynamic Auto Gain automatically adjusts to your surroundings for optimal performance in all conditions • Dynamic Sea Filter automatically adjusts sea clutter for calm, medium and rough sea conditions • Radar overlay displays radar images over maps on a compatible chartplotter WARNING: Cancer and Reproductiv Harm - www.p65warnings.ca.gov California Prop 65 Warning GMR FANTOM™ DOME RADAR GMR Fantom 18x, White $2,199.99 322-0100258400 GMR Fantom 18x, Black $2,299.99 322-0100258410 GMR Fantom 24x, White $2,999.99 322-0100258500 GMR Fantom 24x, Black $3,099.99 322-0100258510