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Micron Extra is back and now available

at boatyard and ship stores coast to

coast! Micron Extra is known and

trusted by boaters and boatyards for

its premium track record of multi-

season protection and performance.

It is available in all the popular colors

and in gallons and quarts.

Micron Extra provides multi-season

protection through a polishing process

resulting in a controlled delivery of

antifouling protection. Micron Extra

uses dual anti-fouling properties inc-

luding cuprous oxide and Biolux


Technology which helps block slime and

algae to boost antifouling performance.

This technology minimizes paint build

up and allows the boat to be hauled and

relaunched without painting.

Get your Micron Extra now!!

Micron – Tomorrow’s Technology Today

A Proven Track Record

Traditional hard coatings are often effective in the short-

term, but with extended use result in the build-up of

an inert layer or leached layer of paint that continues

to build up, over time it becomes brittle and eventually

starts to crack and flake off. Micron Extra polishes at

a controlled rate, reducing paint build up. It is this

controlled polishing that enablesMicronExtra to be used

on power and sailboats, in all waters and at all times! The

controlled polishing of Micron Extra also minimizes the

preparations from season to season, saving you precious

time and money when the time comes to repainting.

Micron Technology is the basis of all Micron

antifoulings and the formulations are second

to none. Micron Technology was first

introduced to the industry in the early 80’s and

has evolved into the class-leading antifouling


Micron Extra is recognized for its multi-season

antifouling protection while giving you the

flexibility of hauling and re-launching without

painting for the long lasting protection you want.

By polishing at a controlled rate, paint build-up

is prevented, eliminating the need for sanding

and resulting in a smoother surface that helps

to maximize fuel savings. How did we ever do

without it?

All trademarks mentioned are owned by, or licensed to,

the AkzoNobel group of companies. © AkzoNobel 2017.

Features and Benefits:

• Exceptional antifouling protection

for all weathers, all waters

• Biolux boosts performance by

controlling the build-up of slime

• Multi-season, self-polishing, no paint

build up

• Available in 1 gallon and quart