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Policies & Procedures



All prices in this catalog are suggested list prices at time of issuance and are subject to change

without prior notice. Current prices are available upon request through quotations, pro-forma invoices


. Orders will be shipped at prices prevailing at time of shipment. We are

not responsible for typographical errors, omissions or other errors regarding product content, selection,

pricing, description or terms.


Designs and specifications are for reference only and are subject to change.


Accounts are due net, 10th of the month following the closing date. We furnish a monthly statement

itemizing the current month’s activity and any previous balance. Account statements may be viewed

online at

and require password protected access. All past due invoices will be

subject to at least a 1-1/2% or up to 2% monthly service charge (24% per annum).


Credit may be extended to accounts with good credit rating, after completing our credit application.

Applications will not be processed if incomplete, and if “Terms and Conditions” is not properly signed.

Accounts must maintain a minimum purchase volume of $10,000 annually. Dealers that purchase

less than required will be reviewed for account eligibility and/or may be subject to pricing surcharges.

Orders will be shipped on a direct debit basis after customer has been qualified as a bona fide account

and until credit has been established.


For your convenience we accept Master Card, Visa, American Express and Direct Debit payments.


Freight is prepaid on all orders shipped via Kellogg Marine Supply trucks. Orders under $25.00

shipped via KMS trucks will be delivered at KMS’s discretion. Accounts under $10,000 annual sales

may not be eligible for truck delivery service. We will ship prepaid freight, at our discretion, via UPS or

common courier to customers outside of our truck delivery service area. However, a minimum order

value will be required for prepaid freight. COD charges, hazardous material fees, special handling,

oversized and overweight charges are never prepaid, regardless of order value – please contact our

sales department for specifics. Freight will never be prepaid on Cost-plus electronics and certain bulk

items regardless of order value. These include, but are not limited to: boats, engines, tubing, molding,

mooring whips, drums of resin, antifreeze, chain, mooring anchors, oils and heavy manifolds. Please

note that products described as bulk items are at the discretion of KMS and may vary according to

season. All refused UPS or Common Courier shipments will be subject to a $25.00 handling charge

plus freight charges. Due to load requirements, boats, mushroom anchors and coast guard kits cannot

be shipped on Tuesday trucks in season. All orders may be subject to a fuel surcharge.

Via U.P.S. and Fed Ex Ground - Maximum weight per package is 150 pounds. Maximum size per package

is 165" in length and girth combined. Maximum length per package is108". Minimum charge per package

measuring over 84 inches in length and girth combined is equal to the charge per package weighing 43

pounds. There is no limit on number of packages.


Our packaging is done with care to insure that your order is received in good condition. Any damage,

shortage or discrepancy discovered on shipment via our own trucks should be reported to our

Customer Service Department immediately. For shipment via U.P.S. or common carrier, please note

the discrepancy, damage, etc., on freight bill and immediately file proper claim with delivering carrier.

Damage and shortage of packages is the responsibility of the delivering carrier.