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Sea Value is a consumer retail program that offers a personalized retail catalog with 3,500 of the marine industry’s top selling products. There are also over 150 manufacturer ads that will reach consumers on the go through their mobile devises, office computers and at a remote work site.

The digital catalog experience is the newest feature to the program and expands product offering and enables dealers to leverage promotional exposure to enhance sales from non-stocked items.

Visual Demonstation (Sea Value Catalog)

Make your printed catalog come alive! This digital catalog keeps the structure and feel of the printed book, while adding easy navigation, convenient distribution and educational embedded videos.

Welcome to the Future

Sea Value TV (SVTV)

Sea Value TV is a YouTube® channel providing you with great informative and instructional videos from top manufacturers. These videos keep you abreast of the latest technology in the marine industry!

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Rebates are modified and adjusted throughout the season.

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